ARRI Debuts the "Budget" Alexa HD

ARRI Debuts the “Budget” Alexa HD

The ARRI Alexa has been the camera of choice for a majority of TV production and film shoots for years. It is arguably the closest that digital has gotten to reproducing the classic and nostalgic look of film. On the flip side, the Alexa is priced outside the range of most freelancers’ budgets.

That’s where the new ARRI Alexa HD comes in. The “budget” version of the original Alexa drops RAW production and instead opts for 1080p HD. The look, feel, menus and workflow remain comparable to its more-expensive sibling.

Looking at the specs, the Alexa HD packs a Super-35 ALEV III CMOS sensor, 800 ISO base sensitivity and 14 stops of dynamic range. You’ll be recording your footage on ProRes straight from the camera.

The camera is available exclusively through AbelCine at a price that’s still pretty high with $30,300.00 for the camera body* and $65,435.00 for the starter package.

*Note that if you decide to purchase the body, you must also buy the following items as well:

(1) AR-800301 Arri ProRes Codec Option, (1) AR-800300 Arri ALEXA SxS Module, (1) AR-800302 Arri Quicktime File Format Option

Your total will run you $44,008.00.  It’s not entirely clear why the page mentions the camera’s standalone price if you can’t purchase it separately.

While the camera might seem a little expensive, it must be noted that larger productions favor ARRI’s cameras for their reliability and ruggedness. RED failures are fairly well-documented and Blackmagic’s portfolio of cameras are still unproven on the field.

Will you be using the ARRI Alexa HD? What do you think about the new camera?